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Due Diligence Policy

The following policy is implemented by the International Keyword Corporation regarding registrations during the Restricted Registration period. It is implemented at the sole discretion of the International Keyword Corporation.

Name Property is defined as a word or phrase that may be held as a trademark, registered trademarked or given legal claim to belonging to a company or organization.

1. The International Keyword Corporation will attempt to flag any registrations that may infringe on a trademark or name property. This does not warranty any protection from these registrations.

2. Registrations that are flagged in the manner described in point 1. will be subject to the following:

a. The registering party will be contacted in order to assess validation
b. The company to which the registered term may belong as a trademark will be contacted in order to confirm the validity of the registration on their behalf.
c. The Intellectual Property or Trademark representatives of the company or organization to which the registered term may belong as a trademark will be contacted in order to assess validity of the registration.

3. Failure to complete or establish contact with the parties described in the subsections of point 2 will result in the registration being approved. Revocation of an approved and processed registration can only be undertaken in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Policy.

4. If it is discovered that the registration was completed by a person not acting on behalf of the company or organization holding a legal right to the trademark, the previous registration will be deleted and no refund granted.

5. Further to point 4, the legal holder of the right to the name property will be permitted to submit a registration request for that name property.

6. This policy is instigated by the International Keyword Corporation as a free service, it is not legally binding and may not be carried out in all circumstances. The International Keyword Corp. will not be held responsible for registrations that occur and infringe on a companies rights despite this policy.



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