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Registration Periods

Trademark Registration
Commences: Finishes: During this time period trademark holders are permitted to submit their applications in order to register their trademarks and respective name properties. Registrations made under this period are subject to the Due Diligence Policy.
29 Oct 2002
6 Jul 2003


Select Registration
Commences: Finishes: During this time select persons and companies may lodge applications for the registration of certain International Keywords. These applications are subject to review before approval and are under the Conditions of Select Registration.
10 Dec 2002
6 Jul 2003


Public Registration
Commences:   The final registration period allows members of the public to register any International Keywords that are not registered. No approval is required and International Keywords are issued on a first come first served basis and are subject to the normalConditions of Registration.
14 Mar 2003


The International Keyword Corporation may operate a Due Diligence Policy and apply it to any of the registration periods. However, given the nature of the Public Registration it is unlikely to be practical. For more on the Due Diligence Policy please click here.

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